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General Foreman


  • Diploma Holder

  • 7+ years’ experience in construction cost management

  • Able to work extended hours to fulfill the role

  • Able to work under pressure and achieve tight deadlines

Job Description


  • To supervise the day-to-day civil maintenance activities, performed by Contractor staff

  • To screen work-orders and to assist civil supervisor in planning activities related to civil section activities.

  • To take adequate measures to ensure Occupational Safety for laborers who work in arduous conditions.

  • To supervise the standby functions of heavy equipment like shovel, bulldozer and cranes.

  • To conduct daily toolbox meetings with all Contractor workers, to ensure safe working methods for meeting Hashim HSE requirements.

  • To comply with all company Health, Safety and Environment as well as Work Permit, policies and procedures.

  • To coordinate with contractors, the safe implementation of civil works

  • To ensure that the quality of housekeeping is maintained, despite the difficult climate and working conditions.

  • To ensure HSE standards are followed, considering the varied skill levels, cultural backgrounds and languages of workers.

  • Screen and give instructions to the labours at site as per the Site Engineer and specifications required.

  • Monitor and control all the equipments/tools and heavy equipments at site

  • Implement the safety instruction at site

  • Conduct meetings with labours and report all concerns to the direct supervisor

  • Coordinate and supervise the work of sub-contractors to ensure that the work was executed.

  • Monitor and ensure that the quality of housekeeping is maintained.

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