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Founded in 2004, Infinity General Transporting Company has been operating in the area of Transportation & Logistics. Committed to on-time delivery of goods with the most cost-effective logistical solutions, Infinity provides a reliable and professional service to its clients to help them achieve their core business objectives.

The company  has expanded to keep pace with the rising in transportation industry, adopting to the constantly changing requirements of today's market. With experienced drivers & operators, we deliver specialized shipments, when and how you need it. You can be assured that your goods are in good hands.


Our services include all types of transportation services, as well as heavy equipment rental, to cater for the logistical needs of different companies. The materials we transport are destined for the whole of the UAE.


We have the following types of transport vehicles & equipment available for hire on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis:

  • Flatbed 40Ft. Trailers with (CNIA SECURITY GATE PASSED FOR TAKREER RUWAIS, HUBSHAN SHAH, AL HASSAN SHAH, and RUWAIS GASCO & SHAH GASCO. (Abu Dhabi All Ports License & Jebel Ali Ports with Haulier code) 

  • All Types of Cranes

  • Excavators

  • Shovels

  • JCBs 3cx

  • Boom Loaders 12, 14, 17 meter

  • Bobcats S130

  • Dump Trucks

  • Full range of Pick-Ups of various capacities

  • All kinds/types of Buses 

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