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Wood Router Machine
Wood Planning Machine
Power Saw

BluePoint was established in the year 2004 and in accordance with the impressive growth and development occurred in respect of the most high performance machinery devices equipment to comply with the factory developments and also the market requirements.

In Bluepoint, your brand success is our passion, so we ensure a clear understanding of our clients objective and expectations. we also integrate our resources with that of our clients marketing team and acknowledge that the best results are believed by forming a close and on going relationship with them.

With Bluepoint you will be introduced to fresh ideas of each project, we ensure we deliver business benefits, add value and meet objective. 

BluePoint team implement and deliver the project perfectly. By recognizing the importance of budgets, cost control and time frame, BluePoint creates the best team for the task at hand by utilizing our in-house resources and leveraging our strategic alliance where required.

Extraordinary results are not arrived at by mistake, They are won with passion, commitment, creativity and professionalism, which BluePoint offers to our valued clients. BluePoint's sole objective is to deliver a service tht feels fresh and modern ensuring that the essence of your brand identity is captured and exploited to its best potential. By a dynamic team of individuals specializing in design, fabrication, installation and project management with a portfolio of work that admirably demonstrate our capabilities.

The designs we implement are created to reflect the core values of your organization, with a desire that is extended by affection for all things 'design' our team understand the chemistry between texture, colour and ambiance.

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