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Project Manager


  • Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineer preferably with Project Management Training, Construction Management or equivalent.

  • Atleast 10+ years related experience in construction project implementation

  • License Engineer, Knowledge in AutoCAD and Primavera

  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal

  •  Strong Leadership Skills    

  •  Strong customer service orientation

  • Strong analytical skills and attention to details

  • Able to work on extended hours to fulfill and respond to emergency situation


Job Description

  • To manage a project from initial phase to completion and ensure compliance with Hashim HSE Policy for project activities. 

  • Ensure the preparation and implementation of detailed plan and strategy for the assigned project in order to achieve the agreed objectives. 

  • Lead and motivate the project team ensuring effective implementation of agreed project plans. 

  • Ensure the necessary training of project staff to optimize their potential and remain up-to-date in technological development. 

  • Lead, direct and control the project team and participate in the verification of bidders list, pre-qualification evaluation, development of tender/enquiries, selection of engineering consultants, Project Management Consultants (PMC) and Contractor. Responsible for definition of technical evaluation criteria 

  • Manage the quality and progress of work performed by licensors, Engineering and Contractor. Ensures Company policies for technical, safety, quality and environment are correctly addressed. Identify the bottlenecks and recommend corrective action to ensure smooth and timely completion of project at optimum cost. 

  • Ensure the quality of material/equipment and the ultimate product as per contract requirements and specifications.

  • Direct the development of schedule, cost estimate and budget for the project. Review and recommend the same for Tender Board and Management endorsement/approval. Controls and monitor the implementation of the total budget, schedule and quality at various stages of the project execution to ensure adherence to the overall approved plan.

  • Establish organization for the project, including manpower utilization and mobilization. Leads, motivates, review and monitor the performance of the teams staffed with specialist within the Division, across Projects Group and to ensure the effective implementation of the agreed plan. 

  • Provide Project Management and Technical Expertise to ensure effective Management of all the project phases and prepare weekly highlights and progress reports. 

  • Perform Certification of Contractor and Vendors invoices and endorsement of final acceptance certification. 

  • Develop procurement strategy, manages, control and supervise procurement activities. Coordinate preparation of Purchase Orders and contracts. Review and analyse Change Order Requests, claims and prepare recommendation to management for settling of variations/claims.

  • Ensure proper coordination between the end user and Engineer/ Contractor and other agencies involved in the project to ensure quality and progress is maintained.

  • Coordinate other Divisions to ensure the preparation of annual overall work program and Projects budget. Control expenditure and justify variance.

  • Coordinate with other Divisions and end user to ensure the accuracy of Projects Engineering Packages, Documents and agree necessary changes to suit construction phase.

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