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Established in 2000, Hashim Contracting & Gen. Maintenance LLC is one of the leading companies in the Construction field in Abu Dhabi, United Arab of Emirates.

Instituated as a General Contracting Company at the onset, the company progressively branch out to other line of works in Interior Design and Landscaping, Real Estate, Industrial Supplies, Transportation, Logistics, Carpentry and Joinery Works.

Our company is managed and operated by qualified technical staff and skilled workforce. Moreover, the company employs certified external services for any of its operation when required.

We know that our customer require exact estimating, proficient scheduling, superior construction and unparalleled service. To meet these goals, Hashim Contracting is guided by those values and beliefs of employees with unwavering commitment to every project.

By following professional procedures in the tendering stage, adhering to the highest quality and safety standards and using the latest techniques in the planning and project management discipline, we ensure optimum value of quality-time-price of our building construction project is delivered to our clients.

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