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  • Diploma Holder

  • Minimum 5 years related experience in construction project implementation

  • Excellent problem solving and decision making skill

  • Able to work on extended hours to fulfill and respond to emergency situation

Job Description

  •  To supervise the execution of Civil Maintenance, Scaffolding, Painting, Insulation and Fireproofing activities on equipment, structures and administrative and commercial, industrial and residential buildings. Excavation, laying concrete, masonry work and site housekeeping.

  • To supervise the day-to-day civil maintenance activities, performed by Contractor staff

  • To screen work-orders and to assist civil supervisor in planning activities related to civil section activities.

  • To take adequate measures to ensure Occupational Safety for laborers who work in arduous conditions.

  • To supervise the standby functions of heavy equipment like shovel, bulldozer and cranes.

  • To conduct daily toolbox meetings with all Contractor workers, to ensure safe working methods for meeting Hashim HSE requirements.

  • To comply with all company Health, Safety and Environment as well as Work Permit, policies and procedures.

  • To coordinate with contractors, the safe implementation of civil works

  • To ensure that the quality of housekeeping is maintained, despite the difficult climate and working conditions.

  • To ensure HSE standards are followed, considering the varied skill levels, cultural backgrounds and languages of workers.

  • HSE Responsibility:  To take care of own health and safety and that of others including the Environment that may be affected at work.  To cooperate with employers and co-workers to meet the legal requirements.

  • HSE Accountability:  To report to supervisor/top management any risk/incident related to health and safety and environment in his work area.

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